How Pilot Path will support your journey ?

We remove all the usual disadvantages of modular training by structuring your flight training under one organisation and create a unique training program tailored for you with our commercial pilot mentors to ensure a seamless transition between modules. We treat every student as an individual with your future employment always in mind.

In addition to the below elements of support, we offer student friendly payment options, a clear direction in your training journey, no hidden fee pricing, and dedicated check in support from our mentor team. Check out our other support available below:

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Tailored flight training programs signed off by a commercial airline pilot

Our pilot mentor team have thousands of hours in command of aircraft and will be monitoring your flight training every step of the way. Their experience is shared with you throughout your journey and helps keep you on track in your training.

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Pilot Path management team taking away the isolation often felt in modular training

Modular training often feels isolating and leaves the individual feeling they have nobody who understands their complex journey. Let Pilot Path support you along the way.

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Co-ordination of all training and modules among each flight school saving you time and money

Time is money, and with Pilot Path, we ensure your experience is the most cost-efficient way of obtaining your licences, without ever faultering on quality.

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Friendly and honest culture to support success in your training

Our team are there to help and support you in any area of your journey. Pilot Path allows you to feel part of a bigger program and are on hand for anything you may need.

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Zero to Aero while staying in full employment

Pilot Path offer flexible programs to allow you to stay in full time employment and meet your prior commitments. Your success is our success – we want to support you ever step of the way.

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Tailored support for students travelling in your exciting journey

With partner flight school locations around Europe and the USA, we specialise in tying together your accomodation, flights and transfers to allow you to focus on whats important – your flight training.

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Airline interview guidance and preparation as standard with our aviation career specialist

Our aviation career specialists will support you in your future employment through guidance on airline recruitment processes and any prep work needed before applying for your first role as a commercial airline pilot.