How do I know if pilot training is for me?2021-03-31T15:15:45+00:00

Let’s be honest, pilot training is a big commitment and we at pilot path want you to be absolutely positive that this is the path for you, we have an “introduction to flight” course for you to complete before you make any major commitments, this includes:

• A simulator session on a Redbird full motion simulator.

• An introductory brief to the aircraft you will be flying, how everything inside and outside it works.

• 1-hour flight with one of our fully qualified flight instructors.

• A tour of the hangars where aircraft are kept and a brief on how they are maintained.

Is it hard to learn to fly?2021-03-31T15:20:15+00:00

The straight answer is no, people of all shapes and sizes, ages and abilities have learned to fly and like anything in life, the more you do, the better you get. Absolutely anyone can learn to fly, the training itself becomes addictive- you will see why yourself. When it comes to learning to fly, persistence and consistency is key.

What is the difference between integrated and modular, and how do I know which is the best option for me?2021-03-31T15:22:40+00:00

When choosing which option is best for you, remember they are both the same as each other, they are just different methods. Integrated training is a course where you will go from 0 hours to a fully qualified airline pilot in the shortest possible time. Whereas a modular course is a course where you can go step by step at your own pace or accelerate your training and complete in as little as 18 months or less! Modular is more suited for those who are working or have other commitments while training.

How soon can I begin training?2021-03-31T15:26:39+00:00

You can start tomorrow! It is completely up to you whenever you wish to start, just give us a call or email, and we can arrange to meet and give you a tour of Newcastle Aerodrome free of charge or in our Dublin city centre offices if you wish to meet us for a coffee to discuss your options.

How long until I can fly solo?2021-03-31T15:27:34+00:00

Ahh, your first solo- a day you will remember for the rest of your life. This decision will lie with your instructor. He/she will decide when you are ready to defy gravity alone. This comes after you complete some critical inflight procedures e.g. simulated emergency landings, stall recovery, instrument failure etc. To ensure that in the unlikely event any of these happen while you are alone you will be ready. Again we cannot emphasise this enough -this completely depends on your progress and when your instructor feels you are ready to do so. This is not something that can be rushed.

What kind of aircraft will I fly during training?2021-03-31T15:28:01+00:00

You will fly the Cessna 150 for your training, the Cessna 150 is the most popular training aircraft in the world with most commercial airline pilots having started off on this well tested aircraft type.

How long is the training process?2021-03-31T15:28:44+00:00

This depends on several factors especially whether you decide to spread your training out or complete over a shorter period of time. You must also take into account what commitments you have outside your training.

What can I do when I get my PPL?2021-03-31T15:29:25+00:00

Once you get your PPL, you can rent an aircraft and off you go. Obviously, you can only fly an aircraft in which you are trained to fly!! Why drive to Cork or Donegal when you can fly? However, you may not fly for remuneration with your PPL. Getting your PPL also opens the gates for the next part of your training.

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