About Pilot Path

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland – Pilot Path offers the opportunity for those with dreams of becoming a commercial airline pilot the route to complete their flight training in a cost-efficient, high quality manner and in a time frame that suits you.

Pilot Path brings together various EASA and CAA approved flight schools to deliver all aspects of the training a student pilot needs. We offer an alternative route through structured modular flight training programs.

All our partner flight schools have reputations for their high-quality training, all of which is overseen directly by the Pilot Path management team, including well respected commercial airline pilots.

Our management team consists of aviation experts with proven experience in European airlines and a financial team specialising in credit control within Ireland, U.K. and Europe. This experience coupled with our commercial pilot mentors, mean you will be in the best possible hands as you embark on your exciting new journey.

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Our Mission

Our mission in Pilot Path is to give our students the highest quality flight training options through a system of support, guidance and transparency in each pilot’s journey to a new career path.

“Our vision is to redefine the diversity of student pilots, allowing those from all different backgrounds to realise and pursue their dreams and potential of becoming a commercial airline pilot.”

Pilot Path realises this mission and vision through the following commitments it makes to each student pilot.

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Open, honest and transparent
communication at all times

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The most cost-efficient programs for delivering each module of your training

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Mentored support throughout your training from experienced airline captains

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A unique training plan to fit your existing personal and professional commitments

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High-quality training with an aim of developing each student pilot to their full potential

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Removal of all “frills” that cost you money and do not contribute to your flight training

Commercial Pilot Mentors

Our commercial pilot mentors review and sign off each training plan for Pilot Path students, overseeing quality-training deliverance in each flight school. They will exclusively handle all technical queries in relation to pilot training, and flight operations for Pilot Path.

Our mentors have thousands of hours combined experience, most of which in Boeing and Airbus type aircraft. Our mentors have spent many years teaching, supporting and developing pilots’ performance and ability.

Our Commercial Pilot Mentors:

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Offer personal support to Pilot Path Students

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Review and sign off each training plan for Pilot Path Students

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Oversees the quality of trainingin each flight school which is being delivered to Pilot Path students

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Exclusively handle all technical queries in relation to Pilot Training and Flight Operations for Pilot Path

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Completes regular reviews with Pilot Path students regarding their progress

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Ensuring Pilot Path Students are happy with thir progress to date

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Resolves technical issues on students behalf

Tim Stevens
Head Commercial Pilot Mentor

Tim Stevens is a commercial airline captain with Europe’s biggest airline. With over 25 years’ experience, most of which as commander of the Boeing 737 type aircraft, Stevens has spent several years teaching, supporting and developing pilot’s performance and abilities from cadets to captains.

In addition to this role, Tim is a flight training instructor in Newcastle Aerodrome developing and teaching students to fly in light aircraft. Tim takes on the role of overseeing the technical aspect of the operation and agreements with our participating partner flight schools. Stevens supports the Pilot Path management team in the development of each training program and overseeing each students progress from start to finish.

Tim has a renowned reputation among the aviation industry in Ireland and the U.K, he is best known for his style of teaching, his approachability and unique personality. Any conversation with Tim is one you won’t soon forget!