A Modular Approach to Flight Training

At Pilot Path, we have brought together industry leading flight schools to deliver unique and cost-efficient EASA training plans for future pilots. Our flight training options give our students the opportunity to train in a single fully coordinated program or progress at your own pace under our module by module approach. With commercial pilot mentor support included in all training packages, we pride ourselves in supporting individuals from all walks of life in embarking on their flight training journey. We remove all the barriers and obstacles of modular training, helping our students concentrate on what’s important – their flight training.

woman learning to be a pilot
  • Beginners course
  • Instructed flight time
  • Pre and post departure briefs
  • Includes pilot logbook
  • Decide if flying is for you
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woman learning to be a pilot
  • Multiple Training
  • Options Available for all stages
  • Can be corrdinated to full modular atpl package
  • Mentored Support throughout
  • A “No Frills” approach
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woman learning to be a pilot
  • Calculate your most cost effective options
  • Structure your training
  • Plan to suit you
  • No hidden costs
  • Mentioned support available throughout
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Partner Flight Schools

Newcastle Aerodrome

Located in Co. Wicklow, a short distance from Ireland’s capital city, Dublin, students will complete all flight training here for their initial licences. Newcastle Aerodrome specialise in training for fixed wing microlight and group A aircraft. With dedicated instructors and staff, the team at Newcastle will help you achieve your ambition of becoming a pilot by providing you with the highest quality training and support as you embark on your flight training journey.

Wicklow Wings Ground School

Located on the grounds of Newcastle Aerodrome, students will complete on-site ground school along with remote distance learning ensuring that all students have the opportunity to learn as they go. The instructors at Wicklow Wings will teach and guide you to become an expert on the required syllabus for becoming a pilot. With the latest technology in use for your ground school experience, the team at Wicklow Wings will ensure the experience an enjoyable one that you won’t forget.

Bristol Groundschool

Founded in 1992, Bristol Groundschool is Europe’s leading specialist in distance learning and training for EASA/UK CAA Professional Pilot’s Licence theory exams. Bristol Groundschool has a stellar reputation in the industry for being the most effective, trusted and manageable training system available.

Located in Clevedon, North Somerset, Bristol Groundschool has a stellar reputation in the industry for being the most effective, trusted and manageable training system available. BGS bring traditional training methods integrated with modern interactive training tools and proven success rate far in excess of traditional classroom-based teaching or iPad-only learning.

BGS provide training to Pilot Path student pilots studying for professional examinations in Europe, the UK, the USA and beyond.

ASG Limited

Located in Dublin Airports Logistics Park, students will complete on-site ground school along with remote distance learning meaning that learning is completed at times which suit each student’s needs. ASG have a unique approach to ATPL training providing students with a bespoke, high quality, and personalised training experience. Ensuring the optimum learning environment, the team at ASG ensure the highest standard of theoretical knowledge instruction. Each ATPL instructor is chosen for his or her subject matter expertise and practical industry experience, adding real value to students’ training experience by bringing the material to life.

Bartolini Air

The largest pilot training centre in Central Europe, Bartolini is headquartered at Łódź International Airport (EPLL) in central Poland. Students will generally spend the final weeks of their flight training program here. With a modern fleet of aircraft, highest standards in training and managed by current Jet Aircraft Pilots, the team at Bartolini Air combines extensive knowledge and experience in piloting and aviation training ensuring each student receives best in class preparation for their career as a commercial airline pilot.

Simtech Aviation

With all training provided by experienced and dedicated Instructors, Simtech is known globally for their reputation in high quality simulator based training. Located next to Dublin Airport, Simtech operates a fleet of Fixed-base and Full-motion Flight Training Devices best preparing students for a career in the skies. All of Simtech instructors are IAA/EASA approved professional pilots who have logged a huge amount of flight time and are passionate about passing on their vast experience to the next generation of pilots. In addition, they have a wealth of experience in helping cadets prepare for the airline interview and assessment process. Simtech provides the final stages of training to Pilot Path students before becoming fully qualified as a commercial airline pilot.

Global Flight Training Solutions

Global Flight Training Solutions are based at Immokalee regional airport in Southwest Florida. The team at GFTS provides a personalized, intensive 4-6-week hour building program with instructors committed to a caring, supportive learning environment.

They are dedicated to helping you achieve your flight deck career goals. From personal attention to customized programs, it will be easy to immerse yourself in their flying-centred learning experience in beautiful, sunny Southwest Florida.

One Air Aviation

One Air has its main base of operations at Malaga International Airport, which, given its location in the south of Spain, offers the best weather conditions in Europe for the training of pilots.

Founded in 2010 by commercial pilots and instructors, One Air is an aviation school created by pilots, for pilots. Their philosophy essentially boils down to equipping students with the latest top-end technologies in the aviation sector and offering the highest standards of safety. Quality control, as well as a great team, is what makes One Air a place where you can learn to fly while enjoying one of the most advanced and top-of-the-range aircraft fleets in Europe.

LAC Flying School

LAC Flying School is the longest-running and most well-established flying school in the Greater Manchester area, they have one of the largest fleets of aircraft at Barton.

With no lengthy delays due to commercial traffic as would be the case with the region’s larger airports and a six-day operation from 0900 until sunset, LAC Flying School Manchester can cater to every aspiring pilot’s needs.

Known for its friendly and professional staff and flight instructors, every experience with LAC Flying School is one you won’t forget!

Flightpath Flying Club

Flightpath Flying Club is located less than 20 miles West of Birmingham City. Three tarmac runways and a grass strip means that the wind and rain seldom disrupt flying.

A friendly AFIS Service is just enough to handle busy periods without you being stuck endlessly at the hold for commercial traffic. You will train in the classic Piper PA-28’s or a Cessna 172.

With a warm, friendly environment and instructors of the highest standard, Flightpath Flying club will no doubt be the school to get you started on the path to your career in the skies.

All Pilot Path Partners are Declared or Approved Training Organisations regulated and certified by the European Air Safety Authority (EASA), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) or Federal Aviation Authority (FAA)

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